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Bonniers Konsthall, 2.12 2020 - 10.1 2021

Installation including:

Chop Chop Corporal (2020): 6-channel sound installation, speakers, rubber mat, rubber smell

Sound Design: João Polido & Jin Mustafa

Battle Rope Anchors (2020): glass, metal screws, metal washers

KIN (2020): video loop,10" monitor, steel, grip tape

Camera: Felicia Fasanino Jansson

Roll Deep (2020): concrete, anti-slip tape

Exhibited as part of the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Award Exhibition with Ida Idaida, curated by Annie Jensen

"The first thing that meets you is the smell: a slow, hazy, chemical scent of industrial rubber that wraps itself around you and ushers you in. Then there is the sound: white noise at first, from what might be a factory; low, rhythmical thumping that builds to a crescendo; the clap of steel echoing on the downbeat; someone exhaling, exhausted. [...] “The daily grind of being rendered invisible, or being attacked, whether physically or verbally, for being visible, wears a body down,” writes Claudia Rankine, and Mohidin’s installations testify to the repercussions of this daily grind. But the idea of performance is inverted; there is no spectacle for us to consume, no one to stare at but ourselves. The space claims the right to obscurity, and the work becomes instead an architectural, and historical, meditation on these rooms designed for physical enhancement."

– Santiago Mostyn

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Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger

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